Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What to Wear?: The Bridesmaid Edition

Mr. Mc. and I are huge fans of purple. I have always known that my bridesmaids where going to wear purple. So the search for Bridesmaids dresses began. I had four criteria for the dresses. I throw in a few pictures of the front runners. The final is what we selected after many try-on sessions at different bridal stores in New York City and the South.

Deep Purple: It’s our favorite color.

Awesome Melissa Sweet Gown with Bateau Neckline, but it was on the pricey side and real short for a 5pm Church Wedding (more styles at MelissaSweet.com

Re-wearable or Cheap: I’ve only been in a few weddings and spent lots of money on dresses that hang in my closet. I wanted to pick something that wasn’t expensive or I had confidence that my Bridesmaids would wear again.

From Sophia Tolli: This dress is a gives off a glamorous retro feel. I love the sweetheart neckline, and it is available in purple (more styles at SophiaTolli.com)

Cool & Comfortable: Due to Mr. Mc.’s school schedule, we have to get married in August. It is hot as can be in the South in August. We need to keep these ladies comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception.

From Davids Bridal: I love the gathering at the waistline. This purple has more pink than I wanted. More styles at DavidsBridal.com

Different coordinating styles available: Not everything is flattering on everyone, also being all the same is boring. I would like everyone to be able to choose their style that is comfortable and flattering, but still have unifying fabrics and color.
The Dress! From twobirds bridesmaid. The one dress can be styled 15 different ways. More info and to see their wide range of colors visit twobirdsbridesmaid.com

I have selected the twobirds bridesmaid Dresses as it fits all of my criteria (although it is not cheap). I took both my Maid of Honor and one of my Bridesmaids to try of this dress; both are thrilled by the selection and were willing to shell out the $300 for the ball gown style in Aubergine. I’m so thrilled and a bit jealous I did not order one of them for myself.

What are your requirements for your Bridesmaid dresses?

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