Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Beginning - The Venue

I've started this blog in order to document the final preparations for my wedding. I've found tons of inspiration and am very excited about the elements we are using in our wedding and those that did not make the final cut.
Each day, I hope to focus on different elements of a wedding. Like most blogs, this will be a very organic, so we will where we find focus.
One of the first things, Mr. Mc and I decided on was our reception location. I was adamant I did not want a "hotel" wedding. There is something so impersonal about most hotel ballrooms, it also does not fit our style. Due to Mr. Mc's law school schedule we had two dates for the wedding, both in August. In the South with 90 degrees temps, humanity and bugs, meant Outdoor was off the table.
We sought out many venues from historic homes to rental venues to museums. We lovedRoof with a View. We've been to several receptions there at it is a wonderful venue.
But we then visited the Mint Museum. We walked around with the event coordinator and knew it was the perfect place. Mr. Mc and I are huge arts advocates, so we knew it was perfect. I was also excited that the venue needs minimal decoration, after all it is an art gallery.

What did you look for in a venue?

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